If you are an owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or want to be an associate member, you are welcome to become a member of H.O.G. Tallinn Chapter Estonia.

If you have bought a new Harley-Davidson over the past year from the Harley-Davidson shop on Punane st., you should have a valid H.O.G. Europe membership card with a membership number. You should check it and, if necessary, update it.

Fill in the Tallinn Chapter member’s application, send it to mail address, follow the directions on the application and you will probably be a full member of the Tallinn Chapter after 30 days.

You can download the application here!

If you don’t have a valid H.O.G. Europe membership card with a member’s number, then join here:

You can check your membership number after a few days by sending an inquiry to this e-mail:

The e-mail address added to the application will be added to the general e-mail list, which is the primary way to exchange information.

Welcome to H.O.G. Tallinn Chapter Estonia!

Rein Jürgenson


H.O.G. Tallinn Chapter ESTONIA

mob: +372 5104238